Will Cimeosil Scar Gel stain my clothing?

Yes. Silicone is naturally oily, so you may want to set your favorite clothing aside while you use Cimeosil. However, to minimize problems, only use a thin coating of Scar Gel (more is not better!), wipe away any excess and allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes before donning clothing. The Gel Sheeting […]

Should I use both the Cimeosil Scar Gel and the Gel Sheeting?

If you’re new to Cimeosil, you may wonder whether the Gel Sheeting needs the Scar Gel for adherence. The answer is “no.” These are two different products intended for the same outcome: scar management. Many individuals like to alternate between using the gel and the sheeting during their treatment period, but not at the same […]

How many daily hours should I wear Cimeosil?

Ideally, you should wear a thin layer of Scar Gel or a piece of Gel Sheeting for at least 8 hours a day. We recommend two daily applications for Scar Gel, as it may wear off due to washing, clothing contact, etc. We also recommend removing your Cimeosil product daily so you can clean the […]