Should I use both the Cimeosil Scar Gel and the Gel Sheeting?

If you’re new to Cimeosil, you may wonder whether the Gel Sheeting needs the Scar Gel for adherence. The answer is “no.” These are two different products intended for the same outcome: scar management.
Many individuals like to alternate between using the gel and the sheeting during their treatment period, but not at the same time. For example, with facial applications, some will use the sheeting at night and—being in the public eye—the gel during the day. This is especially helpful for women, since makeup can be applied over the gel.
Moreover, since the sheeting’s non-skin side has a protective layer, using it at night will help prevent the gel from sticking to bedding. Most will also use the sheeting on body areas that are typically clothed to avoid the gel from
contacting their garments. As a general rule of thumb, consider using Scar Gel on skin exposed to the public and Gel Sheeting in all other instances.

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